what the?

i’m  a long time writer, insatiable cultural creator, interactive observer, unabashed critic, incurable optimist,  digital nomad and all around intentional designer. typos are totally not intentional. feel free to proofread for me as you go.

i tend to write in all caps, or all lowercase. get used to there being no rules here.

this place is semi autobiographical fictional non fiction. it is opinion and observation fully aware of its own bias. in many ways i am attempting to aim at a larger objective stance but for the most part i seek this place as a haven for complex thoughts which exceed rational limits on social media platforms.

for whatever it is worth, i feel that everyone should keep some form of digital diary, and i admit i wish that i had been more diligent in this place and not ruined my relationship with it by needing an audience.

if you read this, you are my hero. for many reasons this writing is all about you. you are the “you” whoever you are, and may feel free to read yourself right into that pronoun. you may also feel free to identify with the i, as the i often tends to show up in prose to indicate a self. i promise to be as honest as i possibly can so the narrative can be trusted for intention.

if life is a game, then my philosophy is everybody wins.

love is pretty much the most important thing we can cultivate on planet earth. it is the only thing worth truly creating, in all its forms of complex beauty. one can seize power, wield words, offer opinions on the most divisive of issues if one lives in the sanctity of love as a deeper intention for humanity.

this is not hippy bullshit. it’s 2014, if you are not able to love your neighbour like a reflection of yourself, then you are holding humanity back from true evolution.

this is sypher. this place is a cipher to decipher. this place is filled with riddles.


read at your own risk. i can’t be held responsible for moodswings or symptoms of ennui that come from being exposed to extreme paradox. it’s life. get with it.