Logical Attractions and the Art of Evolution


PrintYou know, it was just too damn easy for ignorant people to make jokes about how the world did not end on Dec.21,2012. A lot of us watched feeds, internet blogs, newspapers, TV lit up with people saying “i told you so” as if somehow there was a culpable perpetrator of the new age myth that the world was supposed to end on that date.

I don’t believe that any of the main targets of scorn and pessimism at this time are guilty of anything more than looking for solutions for humanity’s current challenges, and forecasting that this time would be when we would be succeeding, ascending, consciously transforming, whatever that meant. Some of these prophesies were over the top psychedelic dreams of a hyper intelligent metaspecies emerging from our collectively exteriorized souls, for some it was the notion that an end to the gluttonous New World Order was coming, involving a decline of civilization almost apocalyptic in effect. Too much focus on the date’s extreme precision, a crazy notion when dealing with the astronomy of an ancient civilization, while focussing entirely too little on the overwhelming messages of the people who encouraged a radical transformation of humanity. “Damn you hippies! You were wrong, the world didn’t end. It’s still as fucked up as before.”

When you get to being critical of the agents of change advocating for a more peaceful world, you have reached a true crisis of value. This says a lot about the misinformation, unhinged speculation and terrible media hype that surrounded the solstice of 2012, and a lot about the lack of optimism that pervades the lives of people in today’s electrified world. While it is true that many New Age prophets did get carried away with notions of what might happen at this time, the overwhelming majority of these prophecies, focussed on the ending of the current limitations of human endeavour, a crumbling of our violent and restrictive gov’t/police structures, new energy solutions, end of war and an ascendance to a more evolved state. While it seems laughable or simplistic to state these hippyesque goals, they are also is admirable in intention and arguably occurring regardless of whether or not the ignorant news hounds, or redneck critics want to laugh about it. People are waking up, but it’s not always a pleasant thing. Hopefully it causes positive change and community connection at an immediate level. When people realize how powerful they can be en masse, things will get real..really quickly.

It’s also a transformation of humanity which confounds the heavily new age critics of technology, because clearly this evolution involves our technology in ever more pervasive ways. The organic earth based peoples of the new age movement have been critical of the computer and the dependance of the world on the digital paradigm. Often there is a polarization, holier than thou attitude of the “intentional” people that technological advance is a negative thing, and that true transformation involves us somehow returning to a pre technological state. This surfaces in everything from the criticism of GMO’s and food health, to ignorance of issues involved in alternative energy (engines do not yet run on water), to the spiritual egotism that allows the new age community to feel like it is the solution for the ails of humanity, and that all should return to being peaceful farmers, living in idyllic communion with the natural world.

Practicality and realism show that it’s likely the world will spin even further into the technological infinity it has created for itself. Seems unlikely we will revert back to a pre computer world any time soon. What seems evident is that the masses determine the evolution of technology much more than they are given credit for. There is manipulation of markets which determine what products are bought and sold. In some ways we are slaves to the technology of the modern world, but in others we are more empowered han ever to dream it into existence. To influence by our purchasing power, but also by our lack of need to be part of the consumer system. We can use networks like this, and the newly forming concept of crowdsourcing for funds, to up the ante in terms of what technologies find their way into the collective hands and minds. The computer has theoretically allowed any person into the arenas of discussion, being seen and heard, and able to source information from others who share the same challenges and interests.

It was no successful prediction that the world was gonna keep on spinning. It’s a bitter cynicism we have been forced to take on as modern beings, uncertain of what information to trust, in the midst of the most vast dialation of collective consciousness in our known memory, we are still embroiled in wars and destruction of our environment. We still fear each other and compete for resources in spite of our awareness of how small and interconnected we are as a species. When you espouse the optimism that a true change in consciousness could radically improve our condition on earth, you are branded as a hippy, an unrealistic flake and lumped in with the channellers and past life reincarnations and avatars, exisiting in a unrealistic dreamscape of metaphysical assumptions. The implications of modern existential existence are astonishing. The world didn’t end, but people live on the planet as if our whole species was committing suicide. This has been a tragic story of human interaction for as long as history treads back to tell the tales. Seems like icing on a tragic cake to hate on the people who are desperately trying to channel humanity’s way out of the desperate situation it has found itself in.

The art of evolving intentionally is pretty radically intensified with the tools already at our fingertips. Why people would spend the time they do being amateur analysts and obsessive tweeters in the vaccuity of places like facebook, when they could be part of networks like this , is something that troubles me. And i am complicit in this as well, by not checking in on networks like this more often, places where the conscious denizens of the collective psyche gather to explore how this “shift” that was so crazily hyped, has not been happening steadily all along, that is deeply in the midst of happening now as i type, it is the hyper connection of human mind in a ways that are accelerating the potential of our species radically. Becoming aware of this process and becoming involved as much as we can in the task of “awakening”. We are awake now…it’s up to us how this all turns out.