don’t forget to remember

is the end of war in sight?
it’s never seemed so close to ending
this cycle of violent reactive fear

and still we stumble
pin poppies to lapels and mourn the generations past who
gave their lives fighting each other for a freedom
we barely question
or comprehend

spirits of the ancestors who fought against tyranny and oppression
those who opposed the subjugation of any person
who defended their families
the fields red and soil mixed with so much young blood
the old men always paying the game on the board
the warriors of the first nations who did the same
fought their last stands on lands
now shopping malls and freeways through

i wish i had taken a deeper moment on remembrance day
as i do with thanksgving
celebrate the uncertain ironies and implications
of a past stained with the blood of our ancestral lineages
we are the legacy of these battles
the children of the winners mixed with the
children of the past
the conquering lions of ages gone by
generations of soldiers born
to fight until their deaths
when they lay down the weapons they have used
to fight off fate

we have seen our world from space
it is a global certainty
our fates are intertwined
the soldiers no longer able to avoid
experiencing the humanity of the enemy
the blood we bleed
as red as it ever was
on whose order will we send any more children
to die in battles we do not support?
our consent will no longer be manufactured by
media magic
that is our domain now.
the truth finds it way through the

i honour the great warriors of generations gone
for the value of what was won
can never be estimated or understood

we are battle weary
and tried of burying children now
we are unwilling to accept the machines of war as sufficient
or acceptable means of generating wealth
we all start to see
how small of an elite there is pulling the strings
could it be the end of war is here?
the masses when face to face
refuse to fight