In the semi ironic world of status updates and hasty twitter opinions, a lot is being said about elections and the US 2012 presidential campaign. No one seems to be able to be taken seriously. On one side of the coin is the absurdity of ultra rich old people wanting to vote for a billionaire mormon because they don’t want higher taxes. So many photos of sad looking white dudes . On the other side of the coin is the Goldman Sachs backing of a supposedly liberal candidate, effectively revealing that the two sides of the same coin clearly come from the same bank.This has fractured the populace who wish to actually vote for a person they believe is a good leader and will represent what they want. An abundance of amateur analysts (much along the lines of what i just did) are abosorbing the implications of their country’s elections. Us Canadians have no right to faceplam. We are arguably more guilty than the Americans of being lame voters.

The problem with the new social media wave is that it has allowed us to have such an influx of information that the entire notion of truth has slipped into the miasma of bad campaign slogans. In a lesser of two evils paradigm, it’s hard to join the cheering section for another politician elected after spending 3 billion trying to convince people he is less of a crook than than the other candidate. I think many Americans may have felt helpless in who to choose. This creates a voter apathy that teeters on being dangerously naive. Fractured voters make better odds. When it’s down to Barrack Obama or Romney, and the plain evil is in full view with the greedy banks looming behind the puppets on the stage, at least we can breathe a sigh of relief that the billionaire lost, the one who was about set civill rights back to the 50’s. Thank goodness people went out and voted like it mattered. It’s pretty steep consequences for a nation in the public limelight.

I have had many friends, in the past 20 or so years I have been of legal age, argue that voting is pointless, that it simply reflects belief in a system that is flawed at the core, corrupt, populated with the exact kind of people we don’t want running things. The argument for not voting has always seemed to me to lack a certain type of logic, as if the 15 minute inconvenience of walking down to the school to cast your ballot is worth foisting a feeble excuse like “I’m making a statement”, and effectively becoming part of percentage of non voters who allowed someone like Stephen Harper to invade Canada. Last Canadian election, the percentage of Canadians that did not vote was the real shocker of the outcome, followed closely by the shock that the NDP ¬†gained power in places where huge voter turnout occurred. Voting actually can make a difference in who gets elected, barring straight up voting fraud or rigging (see bush era/ harper telephone message scam). The lesser of two evils hopefully really is the lesser. Not voting says you don’t even care.

I don’t want this post to get to too stupidly political, I just want to mention that if you don’t vote, all you are doing is being a non voting stat. It does not affect the outcome of tense elections like OMAMA/ROMNEY or HARPER/ANYONE ELSE. In fact, theoretically, it’s because of a critical mass of lazy hipsters, who don’t give a fuck, that senior citizens, who have plenty of time on their hands to get down to the voting stations, and vote overwhelmingly right, own the fucking polls. Figure it out people. Get involved.

As far as whether or not things will change in the system itself, or politics somehow ends up being able to heal the rottenness at its core, all of us amateur analysts must do more that wait and watch, imagining that by posting our analysis that we somehow see the truth of what is happening, or stop it. Populations can rise up through awareness and intelligence. Once the analysis is made, the action can begin. America, I think you truly did avert a disaster of a president in turning down Romney, but your journey to freedom is still long, and fraught with very obvious danger.There’s a lot for the rest of us to chew on as we cast our critical glare down on the sad US, as if the wool was not covering our own eyes. This is modern politics…what are we gonna do about it?

In it makes no real sense not to. Get informed before the election. After voting go out and plant a garden. Go green.