falling and falling again

paradoxes always abound in fall. the liveliness of the colours of leaves at their peak is actually the indication of their death. already i miss the cloudless sky though i dream of water becoming crystalline every night. the feverish new agery that talks of coming shift of consciousness around the winter solstice is met by equalized assertions of the absurdity of the apocalyptic prophecies.

it’s fall, the end of this last gasp is in sight. snow tires are being hoisted in backyard garages. cameras on the street corners and in the restaurants are catching the surprise on people’s faces as they realize they have worn the wrong footwear and need a warmer coat. my heart is always filled by the vistas in the fall, the yellow/orange/red/green contrast. it’s a good time to book a flight somewhere warm for the middle of feb, because you know by then you will need it, but the flight’s will cost double. this world is hard to be in the moment with, because the next season demands your attention for preparation. lucky i have no need to book a flight to a warm place.