“Oh I do believe
In all the things you say
What comes is better than what came before”
Velvet Underground

When i get get overly pessimistic and critical, it does not take too long before I am polarized to the other end of the spectrum. Call it conscience, or paranoia, obsession with how I am perceived and received by others, but usually I come to regret my most critical observations and standpoints, simply because of their negativity. This world has patterns of behaviour and daily attrocities so unforgivable that it requires restraint to not be violently angry and reactive. Part of human evolution seems to be the continual struggle to overcome the fear of dying enough to trust all the other humans around. The news media would have us believe the world is simultaneously evolving perfectly, or near collapse. It’s not easy to gauge truth or purpose in a world of unfixed meaning. We are entering the void, and it seems like staying afloat will be all about remaining positive when the true bleakness sets in.

Awareness of our place in space is at the most limited. The world is huge, but the universe is unfathomable. To imagine ourselves alone in the galaxy is as absurd as believing in UFO’s  and aliens. Human beings are experiencing a growth of information so vast that it is breaking down the barriers of culture as we all fall into the realm of utterly subjective truths. Uprisings are taking place, revolutions of community and connection, all hopefully bringing about something better than what came before. It is the optimism that this can even exist which drives humanity to become something more than it is: a lost and clueless process on a small and insiginificant planet somewhere in a galaxy amongst uncountable galaxies.

I do believe,we are what we perceive:
so much of the conflict on the planet comes from disagreements on what we value and what we imagine our purpose is here, as these bipedal humanoid lifeforms in awe of sunrises and sunsets, drinkers of latte’s and updaters of Facebook. How different is this reality from a farmer in kazakhstan, or a native in South America. When you dial out and try to perceive humanity from an objective standpoint, we seem confused and distracted, unaware of our impact on the greater whole, on each other. For this we have to observe whole cities in action, the movements of people in office buildings and factories. The sheer intensity of our onslaught on the ecosystems of the planet. The world is involved in industry, labour, process, to build ever more inventive, or stupid, pieces of material reality. Iphone6’s and flatscreen tv’s on boats with countless containers of merchandise we exchange and consume, give all encompassing value to, all mediated by the magic bills which determine the level to which we can interact with the endless productive dream. We move stuff around. we make it , sell it, use it and discard it.

The macro economic view of the world places countries on a scale of what they produce and what they make from it financially. When you have a look at these statistics you get more of an idea about what is going on globally with entire populations. Notice in those populations which percentage of them their own wealth is distributed. The inequality is so tremendous and so unforgivable that it can only exist because people are ignorant or afraid.  Few populations on the planet are untouched by the consumer paradigm we have developed as the means of exchange. What we are about to experience is a collapse of it as a valid means of determining value. The crisis of unfixed meaning, abstract value, debt, the whole mirage of the modern banking system, will have to ultimately fail in order to move into a more realistic means of dealing with the population and civilization of planet earth. When monetary systems break down, then playing fields are evened out. Could we be embarking n a new dawn for humanity as we come to realize that everything we have been fighting for has been a mirage? Could true freedom be a mass awakening of humanity into the true realization of emptiness and meaninglessness. What are we attached to? Money, Power, fear of not having these things? What if we let it go?

What comes is better than what came before.
This should always be true. It does not always seem to be. If every person awakened to the awareness of the inherent emptiness of all things. The reality that it is all as you perceive, then we would realize a more valid goal than world domination and conquest, would be the ultimate liberation of all beings from suffering on earth. While a monumental task to imagine undertaking, the amount of resources spent, on earth, fighting for dominance and territory, could be better spent creating a liveable environment for all humans as we progress into a golden age of discovery and compassionate acceptance of all life as sacred and valuable. Who could truly argue against such a noble cause for humanity. Fuck those people who just want to end suffering. Hippies.

Does anyone truly deserve to suffer? Would this hippy fluffy puff new age idea of liberation be entirely unfeasible? Would this world without suffering be boring? I do not believe it would be devoid of challenge, but truly i believe that humanity could finally be rid of the curse of war and violence (for example) by evenly distributing the wealth of resources and returning humanity to a simplified existence which has ultimately lower impact on the planet and each other. This is an obvious pipe dream. When you start adding up defense budgets around the planet, or extensive bureaucracy paid to sustain itself, you begin to see the greater picture of the uneven distribution of truly avaluable resources. Globally we spend way too much on war and way too little on improving the lives of every person. Poverty could be eliminated in our lifetime. No-one would be without water or food. We could address the serious issues of environmental impact…if everyone would just chill out and stop waging war on each other.

Unfortunately, what I do not have as much faith in, is the ability of some exceptionally stubborn angry and fearful humans, power trippers and potentially ultra evil entities to exert influence and control over masses. We could be in for dark times. Is it up to us? Seems like we should live as though we have the power simply from being aware. To see through the facades of fear and ignorance, to truly awaken to our own hearts and the reality of wonder around us.  This world could be a radically different place. Dare we dream?

“what comes is better than what came before”

keep it real