Enter the Onbeyond


This is the first post in the next level vessel for what has become of the writer i once was. This place will be full of typos, i guarantee it. sometimes i wont even use caps. i reserve the right to speak freely here, opinions, poetry, just straight up realness here and if you don’t agree you can post a comment. i’m always open to other opinions, but it’s quite likely i won’t agree with your disagreement. apparently i can be annoyingly opinionated this way, or arrogantly pedantic, as some have commented on more mainstream media networks like facebook. i’ve decided that it’s worth it to just blog again. remind myself what it was like once to be devoured by the words. i don’t recall the last book i read from end to end. life has become a series of articles and status updates. it’s time to go back to earlier times, when a post had something to chew on, worth examining.

I’m not gonna tell you that this is my alternative to facebook because i have no intention of ending my presence there, or trying to tell you that you should do the same. my reasoning for this page is to simply spend more time writing, a placing it in a context which is owned by and adminstered by me. i feel a bit better being the arrogant pedant that i guess i must be, here, where i installed the freaking database even. this one is my project, with generous hosting provided by akhentek, this is my stand for logic sense and good reason. this is my place to examine the emotional maelstroms of the modern world, the ridiculous directions that culture is taking as it heads into the future. a lot of what i imagined has come true, as the internet puts more people in touch with information than ever in human history (as we know it). so tell me why does our species seem more dumb than it has ever been, en masse? i think we might be, espcially in north america, the most unfit populace of humanity to actually live on our own. if we had to sustain ourselves without electricity and grocery stores for more than a month, i don’t have high hopes for what we’d look like.

a lot of what i will talk about here is just musings on the way that we got to this point. such extreme potential but more helpless than ever. ¬†dependant on unstable systems and out of touch with the reality of the actual physical world. how come humans exhibit this odd trait that you can’t really see anywhere else in nature? we stick out because our actions seems like we come from another planet, and maybe we do. this is the place to explore that, as much as it is to explore the abusrdity of believing that we are the extraterrestrials on earth. who knows what we are, or why we created some of the stuff we have, like GMO pesticides and nuclear weapons.

what i want to know is how this makes you feel. what makes life worth living in this day and age, when pretty much anything is possible, but you have to have money. what motivates your motions and what turns your cranks?

i will never cease to be amazed by the world. there’s something almost impossible to believe in my inbox every morning .