i wonder how many people are tuning in this week, having never heard of the Tragically Hip until news of Gord Downie’s untimely death made headlines, as celebrity deaths now seem to do. If you are Canadian it’s probably near 100% likely you know of the man, and definitely know the Tragically Hip. Social media has obliterated borders and now suddenly Americans are hearing the Hip,  probably wondering how in the hell they had never heard of a band that was so solid, so tight, so good, they’re listening to song after song, the hits of our schooldaze, video after video, and oddly getting a glimpse into the psyche of the working person’s Canada. This band was always speaking to the people, but somehow their appeal never went below the south of the 49th, and from the way Gord Downie remained  faithful to the Canadian way, you can tell he didn’t give a fuck. Fame never seemed like their angle, or destiny. But they are legend up here.

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