Enter the Onbeyond


This is the first post in the next level vessel for what has become of the writer i once was. This place will be full of typos, i guarantee it. sometimes i wont even use caps. i reserve the right to speak freely here, opinions, poetry, just straight up realness here and if you don’t agree you can post a comment. i’m always open to other opinions, but it’s quite likely i won’t agree with your disagreement. apparently i can be annoyingly opinionated this way, or arrogantly pedantic, as some have commented on more mainstream media networks like facebook. i’ve decided that it’s worth it to just blog again. remind myself what it was like once to be devoured by the words. i don’t recall the last book i read from end to end. life has become a series of articles and status updates. it’s time to go back to earlier times, when a post had something to chew on, worth examining.

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