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saying goodbye to winter

There is a peak moment of every winter where I realize simultaneously that the season is in full swing, but that sadly it will also end. Unless you are a paid professional competing globally, involved in the industry or independently wealthy, the notion of a year long winter eludes the common folk. Most of the regular lovers of the snow, and fiends for the pow are at the mercy of the skies.

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Standing Sideways & Moving Forward

birth of a dream


Snowboarding collided with the world of my brother and I in 1986. We were a couple of kids who had spent half their lives on skis, at the top of a mountain. It was a  typical lake louise easter morning, not very crowded, spring day on the slopes . We were always happier when the lineups were smaller. A few snowboarders emerged at the top of Eagle Lift. This was a total rarity, and we stalked them for as long as we could. They were pros, jamie mosberg (mouse) and another dude from the Avalanche team. We knew their names because we had seen snowboards in ski magazines and on film. The ski industry was catching wind of this growing sport and allowing it on mountains. This was a true eye opener. We were in the presence of the beginning of the modern era of snowboarding. It was a time when there were literally 4 snowboarders on the hill at any time. We knew we had to do it. There was no question. It was hard to know where to begin.

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