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i wonder how many people are tuning in this week, having never heard of the Tragically Hip until news of Gord Downie’s untimely death made headlines, as celebrity deaths now seem to do. If you are Canadian it’s probably near 100% likely you know of the man, and definitely know the Tragically Hip. Social media has obliterated borders and now suddenly Americans are hearing the Hip,  probably wondering how in the hell they had never heard of a band that was so solid, so tight, so good, they’re listening to song after song, the hits of our schooldaze, video after video, and oddly getting a glimpse into the psyche of the working person’s Canada. This band was always speaking to the people, but somehow their appeal never went below the south of the 49th, and from the way Gord Downie remained  faithful to the Canadian way, you can tell he didn’t give a fuck. Fame never seemed like their angle, or destiny. But they are legend up here.

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beat down


jack, i understand where you were coming from, except i’m not a drunk. we all have our vices. no judgement. i wonder how different you might have been if you were submerged in this culture, looked around and saw the alcoholic stupor that has atrophied the best of our minds. granted it breaks down the inhibitions we have, the ones that stop us from being the thing we most want to be, but jack, the drinking killed your imagination. it stopped you from touching the true essence of the beauty you sought like every other poet to espouse as a reason for carrying on living. suicide is frowned upon in the Catholic religion, and you were devout only in as much as you could let the philosophy carry you through the emptiness of knowing nothing has any meaning. life death, can spin you out if you focus too much on meaning. use the heart as a compass and set sail into the unknown. only you can map the space accurately. drinking yourself to death obsessed with meaninglessness that even the spirits couldn’t lift you from. boredom and insanity.

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saying goodbye to winter

There is a peak moment of every winter where I realize simultaneously that the season is in full swing, but that sadly it will also end. Unless you are a paid professional competing globally, involved in the industry or independently wealthy, the notion of a year long winter eludes the common folk. Most of the regular lovers of the snow, and fiends for the pow are at the mercy of the skies.

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the unfathomable emptiness

in a search for the meaning of everything
the myth of significance painting illusions as beautiful
as any being could hope to witness
a feeling of love so deep
that nothing else matters
so empty it’s full

falling and falling again

paradoxes always abound in fall. the liveliness of the colours of leaves at their peak is actually the indication of their death. already i miss the cloudless sky though i dream of water becoming crystalline every night. the feverish new agery that talks of coming shift of consciousness around the winter solstice is met by equalized assertions of the absurdity of the apocalyptic prophecies.

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“Oh I do believe
In all the things you say
What comes is better than what came before”
Velvet Underground

When i get get overly pessimistic and critical, it does not take too long before I am polarized to the other end of the spectrum. Call it conscience, or paranoia, obsession with how I am perceived and received by others, but usually I come to regret my most critical observations and standpoints, simply because of their negativity. This world has patterns of behaviour and daily attrocities so unforgivable that it requires restraint to not be violently angry and reactive. Part of human evolution seems to be the continual struggle to overcome the fear of dying enough to trust all the other humans around. The news media would have us believe the world is simultaneously evolving perfectly, or near collapse. It’s not easy to gauge truth or purpose in a world of unfixed meaning. We are entering the void, and it seems like staying afloat will be all about remaining positive when the true bleakness sets in.

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